Schoonmaak: 9 kamers; Volledige woning schoonmaken, Vloeren schoonm...

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Schoonmaak huis of bedrijfspand
Soort schoonmaakwerk:
Volledige woning schoonmaken, Vloeren schoonmaken, Badkamer(s) schoonmaken, Ramen en deuren schoonmaken, Trappen schoonmaken, Woning bezemschoon maken (verhuizing)
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Speciale ondergrond schoon maken:
Tegels en laminaat
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Nooit eerder schoongemaakt
Periodiek schoonmaken:
Eenmalige schoonmaak
Uitvoer datum:
Binnen 2 weken

Aanvullende informatie:

Dear Sir/Madam,
I am looking for someone who can clean my newly built house before I move in with my family. I have a dust allergy and I would like to have the building dirt and dust as much as possible cleaned. We have 4 floors with 3 staircases. We also have high feature brick walls which are covered in white from the building. I am looking for somebody who can clean the whole house including:
- rooms - vacuuming and washing the floors, washing the windows from inside;
- all doors;
- the bathrooms - one master bathroom, one guest bathroom and one toilet - all the sanitaire including walls with tiles; windows (where there are any) from inside;
- Corridors and staircases including the brickwalls;
- new and not used kitchen drawers in a way that we could directly start using them.
- We also have one wardrobe in the corridor of the Souterrain.

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Review van Emanuela Workum


They came to clean our newly built house and did a fantastic job. Everything we spoke initially about was done very good. They've put a lot of effort and we have quite a challenging house with 3 staircases with some difficult to clean spots, high black doors and high feature brick walls. They are friendly and hardworking people. We had a great communication about it from the start. I will use their services in the future again. I would definitely recommend them!

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