Bestrating: 53 m²; Tuin of Patio; Tegels

Type klus:
Bestrating aanleggen
Soort werkzaamheden:
Levering, Installeren
Geschatte oppervlakte (m²):
Locatie van bestrating:
Tuin of Patio
Toegang tot gebied waar bestrating moet komen:
Via het tuinhek / poort
Soort materiaal:
Huidige oppervlak:
Uitvoer datum:
Binnen een maand

Aanvullende informatie:

1) Leg elektriche draad voor tuin lamp
2) Leg 3-4 m3 meer zand en trill
3) Leg tegels en kunstgras volgens ontwerp

Mijn Nederlands is niet zo goed en dus U moet beetje engels spreken

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De klus is uitgevoerd door Mastenbroek Tuinen

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Review van Arvind Pandey


As soon as posted my job, he was prompt to contact me and gave me an attractive offer without having look of my garden personally. He insisted to order material from supplier as he can make some commission out of it. There is no problem with it so I said ok. The moment, he ordered and made his commission, he started pushing me almost every hour to pay because he knew that he has to run away. As soon he received the money he said he will not work because his grandmother had died 2 hours ago.

Now please go through other review posted just 2 days back before my review. . Exactly similar event happened with other customer.
He gave the reason as death of a family member to not do the job, on 15th Nov. But same day, he was ordering tiles for me.. And next day on 16th Nov, after making his commission, he told me that his grandmother died and he can not work any more. May be he using family member death as an excuse to loot customers. I will report him to werkspot & kooyman