Sloop: 68 m²; Gedeeltelijke sloop - binnen

Type klus:
Sloopwerk algemeen
Soort sloopwerkzaamheden:
Gedeeltelijke sloop - binnen
Soort woning:
Tweede verdieping
Oppervlakte van wat gesloopt moet worden (m²):
Te slopen materiaalsoort:
Hout, Metselwerk, Gipsplaat
Asbest aanwezig:
Te slopen draagmuren:
Afvoeren van puin:
Container nodig:
Uitvoer datum:
Binnen een maand

Aanvullende informatie:

Timing is very important for us, and we would like to finish the work in first week of December.
Pictures provided should give you an idea of how demanding the work is. Besides walls demolition we would like to remove floor (laminate and fixed rugs) and to remove ceramics from the bathroom and toilette. Both bathroom and toilette, are very small as it can be seen on layout.

De klus is uitgevoerd door Multiservices mokum

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Review van Amar Bandic


Very bad experience. Not recommended.
One of positive things is that they are really hard working team, and once they are at your place they seem to be very nice and friendly.
However, they are not reliable at all, and if you are inexperienced person (like I was) this is not the company for you. First they came quickly to look and to assess the situation and work to be done. We agreed on price and services to be done with the note that they will send me a formal quote for what we agreed on. I never received a quote, and reminded the guy multiple times. They came, they partially completed the work that day, I paid them (what a silly move) and never heard back from them. The guy never replied on my messages. So I had to arrange another company to do the rest.

Reactie van Multiservices mokum:


what you say is wrong. we've done all the work for you. except for a small piece of carpet. I told you beforehand that if it is glued I will not take it out. you try to get the most out of it but we are not garbage collectors . worthless this review and not on them place. we deliver demolition properties broom clean that's how it works. I don't like working for customers like you. good day.

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