Behang verwijderen: 1 room; 25 m²

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Behang verwijderen
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Binnen 2 weken

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We live in a building apartment. This is one of the bedrooms, and we can move the furniture in the middle of the room to give easy access to the walls. On one of the walls(the turquise one) there is no wallpaper. However for the remaining ones the wallpaper needs to be taken down. We are interested for this project also in straightening the walls and paint it all white.

We are both vaccinated and since we are expecting a child soon and we would be at home during the project, we would preffer someone that was vaccinated as well.

Kind regards,
Iulian & Bianca

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Review van Iulian Covlescu


We appreciated the flexibility and the advice received during the project. There were few unknowns that appeared while taking down the wall paper that delayed the project, however, they accomodated the changes needed for the room to look great at the end. Also, the painting of the walls was very nicely done. Satisfied with the end result.

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