Raamkozijnen repareren: 4 ramen; General adjustment of windows, doo...

Type klus:
Raamkozijnen repareren
Gedeelte van het raam:
General adjustment of windows, doors and hinges and locks.
Aantal te repareren ramen:
Materiaalsoort kozijnen:
Some plastic, some wood
Uitvoer datum:
In overleg

Aanvullende informatie:


We would like to adjust the 3 main windows from the dormitories in the first floor that have problems to open and close and one of the windows has the top ventilation that is stuck. And there is a small window on the roof that is hard to open.

Moreover, there is one door that when closing it scratches the trim on the floor and it is hard to close because of that.

I have attached the picture of all windows and the door.

Please, let me know if you need anything else.

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Review van Juan Jose Hernandez Garrido


It was really great. He communicated and we discussed all I wanted. The job was done very professionally and quick. I will keep his contact for future jobs. I really recommend him.

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