Lichtpunten: 5 lichtpunten; Repareren, Verplaatsen

Type klus:
Verlichting installeren of verplaatsen
Soort werkzaamheden:
Repareren, Verplaatsen
Aantal lichtpunten:
Soort lichtpunten:
Locatie van de lichtpunten:
Kamer(s) zonder watertoevoer (slaapkamer, woonkamer)
Uitvoer datum:
Binnen 2 weken

1 bijlage

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Review van Marta Rodriguez


The communication was fluent and the booking of the job was done quite fast and relatively short notice. Time was not as much of an issue during the work, and the priority was to handle the work with good quality (according to wishes) and have a good atmosphere while work was performed. I would change the name of the worker to "friendly helpende hand". Especially recommended for young people who are decorating their first house and need advice and flexibility into what has to be done.

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