Verhuizing binnen gebouw: Bank, Bed, Boekenplank, Huishoudelijke ap...

Type klus:
Verhuizen binnen hetzelfde gebouw
Te verhuizen objecten:
Bank, Bed, Boekenplank, Huishoudelijke apparatuur
Verhuizen op dezelfde verdieping:
Lift aanwezig:
Uitvoer datum:
Binnen 2 weken

Aanvullende informatie:

We need help with moving furniture and washing machine within Holland Park (Diemen). We have elevators in both (moving out and moving in) buildings. We can handle small things ourself, and need help with moving a wardrobe, 2 bookshelf, a bed, a dresser, a washing machine, a bank. The distance between buildings is maybe 250 m. We need movers for the end of May (around 25th).

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The work was done very well, guys did a good job and generally I was satisfied.
The only thing I did not like that I could not pay with pin. And at the moment of payment they don't even offer us to give a change. Ok, it was only 2 euro, but if only cash is accepted, it is hard to prepare the exact amount of money. And I prefer to decide myself whether I want to leave a small change to guys or not.

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