Huisrenovatie: Badkamer / Toilet, Bathroom + 5 doors + plastering o...

Type klus:
Renovatie huis
Badkamer / Toilet, Bathroom + 5 doors + plastering of apartment
Type klus:
Muren of plafonds schilderen, Stucwerk, Wand- of vloertegels zetten
Soort woning:
Aantal verdiepingen:
3 of meer
Leeftijd woning:
10-50 jaar
Eigenaar van het pand:
Vergunning aanwezig:
Uitvoer datum:
Binnen een paar maanden

Aanvullende informatie:

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De klus is uitgevoerd door Keyma Bouw B.V.

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Review van Belmin Mustajbašić



They unreliable, they do not show up for work and most of the work they do is bad.

We hired Keyma in June/July to renovate our apartment in September for 5 weeks. They had enough time to prepare but they did not. In the 4 weeks, in total they worked only 2 weeks and 2 weeks they did not show up.

Almost all of the work that they did had to be fixed. Some examples are: Door Frames installed in wrong positions, then they fixed them and then some door frames were not the correct height then they fixed it again now one door frame is to narrow for the door. Same goes for a lot other things. Despite having all the measurements from day 1, a lot of things were build 1-3cm in the wrong position which was crucial as the whole bathroom was carefully planned.

After 7 weeks we had to fire this company and find a new one to finish the job.

We paid them 60% of the agreed budget and they did not finish anything except demolition before we fired them.

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