Tuinonderhoud: Onkruid verwijderen

Type klus:
Onderhoud nodig voor:
Onkruid verwijderen
Locatie van de tuin:
Regelmaat van het onderhoud:
Nee - eenmalig onderhoud
Uitvoer datum:
Met spoed

De klus is uitgevoerd door Clean Calin

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Review van Edelle Croghan


WOW Denisa and Mario did such an excellent job, I already want them to do another one and have also recommended them to a friend. It wasn’t a big yard but there was quite a bit of work. They said it would take a shorter time than I’d thought but they were actually finished quicker than they’d said. I was pleasantly stunned which doesn’t happen too often.
Thanks to you both and see you soon! 🙏👍

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