Koof plaatsen: 1 kamer; Koof maken om leidingen

Type klus:
Ombouw/koof plaatsen/vervangen
Soort werkzaamheden:
Koof maken om leidingen
Uitvoer datum:
Binnen een maand

Aanvullende informatie:

Het gaat om de hal, bij de voordeur

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De klus is uitgevoerd door Petronela Paraschiv

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Reactie van Petronela Paraschiv:

04-04-2021 (Bijgewerkt: 04-04-2021)

it is not possible for you to do something like this to me, we did not do anything wrong and we answered all your questions, you said that you will write me back if you decide to do the work with me, and now I saw a very bad review from you but I don't know why, can you explain to me what I did wrong?
that's all I talked to you, I didn't work for you, I didn't have any visits to work, I think I'm more confused with someone, or I don't know why you want to do this, it's certain that your review is not real

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