Reparatie witgoed: Vaatwasser; Whirlpool DWF B00

Type klus:
Reparatie witgoed
Merk + type:
Whirlpool DWF B00
Leeftijd van het apparaat:
Uitvoer datum:
Binnen 2 weken

Aanvullende informatie:

the dishwasher works, but the soap cap does not open during the cycle. The dishes are washed with water, but not with soap after a cycle.
De vaatwasser werkt, maar de zeepdop gaat niet open tijdens de cyclus. De vaat wordt na een cyclus gewassen met water, maar niet met zeep.

De klus is uitgevoerd door Witgoedreparatie Service Tirana

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Review van Anoniem


My dishwasher would run but the detergent cap won't open during cycle.
They called quickly, came over, told me that the dishwasher motor is broken but replacing it is too costly because the machine is old and offered to "repair" it doing some tricks.
The guy ran the dishwasher cycle after spending 20 minutes on it, told me it is now repaired and asked for 80 Euro.
When the cycle was finished, the soap cap still did not open and the guy told me to just throw in the dishsoap tablet into the dishwasher at the start of cycle. He could have just told me that from beginning and let me know that he cannot repair the machine...

Reactie van Witgoedreparatie Service Tirana:


first thank you from your review,
second, I see that you are not satisfied. why have you not sent a message to me that you are not satisfied, then I will make a contact with you and transfer an amount to you.
I'm not a scammer, I was honest when I said the dishwasher is old and kissed to fix, and I indicated I could fix but you don't want to fix.

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