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Snehal Satya
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Below front door, there is bit gap (toch) and from there air comes inside.
From bol.com i bought tochstrip and put inside area of front door (behind) but it is not working well. I have shared 2 pictures but I have also made video which is easy to see. In pictures it is not very clear. Over whatsapp i can share video as well.

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De klus is uitgevoerd door Timmerbedrijf & Slotenspecialist KLAVIER

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Review van Snehal Satya


The cost was agreed and was executed well. Committments adhered. Nice to have Klavier for doing the job. He comes to home to have a look at the situation and gives offerte. I liked his approach of executing the job.

The situation of my door is 95% corrected, remaining 5% is left (still small air comes in) but this is because the wood is old and coming out. He also showed us this. Therefore, No issues in his tasks. So no complaints. I am happy with the job.

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