Gietvloer: 38 m2; Woonkamer, Gang, Keuken

Type klus:
Gietvloer aanbrengen
Woonkamer, Gang, Keuken
Oppervlakte van de vloer (m²):
In overleg
Huidige vloer:
Geen (dekvloer)
Uitvoer datum:
In overleg

Aanvullende informatie:

We would like to install a white self leveling floor like the one in the picture.
I would prefer somebody that can speak english to prevent miscommunications.
Please send me an approximate price first. Can be epoxy, gietvloer or other.
Thank you!

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De klus is uitgevoerd door Van Zanten-Vajon Epoxyvloer

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Review van Marcu Bogdan


In one world: disappointing.
In more words, it looks quite far from something i've seen in pictures. And it's a pity.
We actually wanted to do it ourselves but we thought a professional will do a better job. If i had this pictures from the beginning i would have done it myself.
The end result is quite bad. There are air bubbles and debris everywhere. The are places with different colours, there are places you can see the cracks that were filled before applying epoxy.
The bathroom i think it's the worst. You can see the shape of the tiles behind the epoxy. After one week, on the sides the epoxy is not dried yet and it's cracking (see picture). A lot of things are stuck in the epoxy because he went out and in with the special spikes and a lot of debris from outside got stuck to it

It's a shame because the guy was very nice and from what he was talking he seemed to know what he was doing. But the result says different.

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