Tuin aanleggen: 39 m2; Bestaande tuin onderhouden

Type klus:
Type klus:
Bestaande tuin onderhouden
Ontwerptekeningen aanwezig:
Geen ontwerptekeningen aanwezig
Oppervlakte van de tuin (m²):
Regelmaat van het onderhoud:
Nee - eenmalig onderhoud
Inzaaien, Bodembedekking, Constructie plaatsen (bijv. schuur, veranda, schutting, border), Grond egaliseren, Install fire pit
Locatie van de tuin:
Toegang tot de tuin:
Via het tuinhek / poort
Uitvoer datum:
Binnen een paar maanden
Voorkeur van opdrachtgever i.v.m. COVID-19:
Beschikbaar voor afspraken - met inachtneming van gezondheidsvoorschriften

Aanvullende informatie:

The garden is accessible via the house and via a gate from outside (with a key).

We are interested in completely renovating the garden by the end of spring. We want to remove all the plants, remove the tree (we are requesting a permit for this), build a fence, lay fresh grass, and most importantly - build a fire pit with bricks or stone.

We have a pretty clear vision in mind and are looking for someone, or a team, who can execute this vision.

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De klus is uitgevoerd door R. Kentie Tuinaanleg

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Review van Danielle Daubaras


Great work by Rob and his team. We are very satisfied with the renovation and love our new garden! Rob and team were flexible, friendly, and ensuring we were satisfied with the work completed, which only took a few days. We did a complete renovation, removing everything, including a large +30 year tree. We think the price is fair overall considering the amount of work involved. Our main feedback would be the communication, it was decent, but could be an area for improvement. In general we would work with Rob and his team again and would recommend them to others!

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