Dak of dakgoot repareren: 13 m2; Dak; Replace the roof of our garde...

Type klus:
Dak, dakgoot of dakterras reparatie/onderhoud
Soort werkzaamheden:
Replace the roof of our garden shed
Objecten die moeten worden gerepareerd of onderhouden:
Oppervlakte van het dak in m²:
Begane grond
Soort dak:
Schuin dak
Uitvoer datum:
Binnen een paar maanden

Aanvullende informatie:

The roof of our garden shed is leaking and looks like it was built amateurly by the previous owner of the house. We are looking to fully replace it.

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Review van Katya Kopit


Rob came to fix the leaking roof of our garden shed. He fixed the leak but installed the new roof very badly (it looks terrible, it is not straight and the nails that holding it just go through the roof into the shed - where they can cut and hurt someone). After asking him to redo the outer part, he promised for a month that he will come but every time came with a different excuse (I didn’t wake up because the baby, my car broke down etc.) until eventually he stopped answering our calls and disappeared with the full payment.
He gave us 2 years warranty on his work but I guess it is impossible for us to claim it when no one ever picks up the phone.
STAY AWAY FROM HIM AND CHECK OUR BEFORE AND ARTER PHOTOS (the pretty tiled roof is our old one and the ugly one that is done badly is the new one).

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