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Ventilatiesysteem reparatie of onderhoud
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Regulier onderhoud, Questions + install speed of ventilation regulator
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We just bought this house and think that the ventilation system hasn't been maintained in a while. We would like:
- Cleaning the air ducts
- Maintenance and cleaning of the box and anything inside that needs to be checked.

Besides that, we now do not have a way to control the speed of the ventilation, but we know this machine can be set to 3 different velocities. We would like to know if there is something that can be installed to switch the speed.

The model of the box is "Rucon WTA HR 300" (or maybe 400, i think both models are basically the same)

We also have a problem with the kitchen's hood extractor. It is connected directly to the ventilation system, but when we turn it on instead of taking the air out of the building, the air from the kitchen starts going out the ventilation holes that should be sucking the air out of the house. We think the system can't handle all the air from the hood. We would someone to take a look and see what can be done about it.

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Very good experience! The did all they needed to do, in a friendly manner. They answered a few questions I had about the ventilation system and they were fast and cleaned after themselves perfectly.

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