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Woonkamer, Slaapkamer(s), Gang, Keuken
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Binnen een paar maanden
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Bedroom, hallway and living room / kitchen currently have vliesbehang over concrete. Would like to remove this and replace with plaster & paint-job. This includes covering holes in the walls. Seeking professional to remove the vliesbehan and plaster & paint (unless plaster is coloured with paint and therefore not required), or one of the two.

Please include pricing for the removal of the vliesbehang in addition to the plaster & paint. Coloured plaster is also considered.

I would also appreciate a quote for having the ceiling plastered. Please include separate quote for this too where possible.

Apartment will be empty of all furniture for job. Commencement date would be first week August. Unfortunately not possible before then. Available to view apartment end May / early June to finalise pricing etc prior to the start in August.

Parking space (1) in the basement is available for the duration of the job.

Communication in English is appreciated.

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Review van Nicola


Dave and his team consistently went the extra mile. I booked them way in advance, and checked in a few days beforehand to confirm the appointment and was met with a simple "ofcourse" - to put my heart at rest! The work they did is great - the pictures speak for themself. However, the pictures don't show how hard the guys work, how friendly they are when I kept popping in to see how they're doing. Everyday I saw so much progress and ended up with the perfect outcome. They were extremely reliable and made sure to deliver in the timeframe agreed. Dave went out of his way to fix any problems occurring, as well as finding additional contractors to support other jobs which I needed doing (paint on wood of doors / windows). I truly couldn't recommend Dave and his team more.

Note: Dave and his team did ~170sqm wall & ceiling, smooth stucco & painting.

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