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Hello, the problem with my washing machine is that when I use my regular washing programs, the water does not stop filling up in the drum and it spills out of the detergent dispenser. When I tried 'Pompen' cycle and the quick wash cycle, these worked fine though.

I tried different programs and it was all the same. Using tips I found online I washed all parts that I could and did a vinager/baking soda clean but the problem continued.

The issue I think seems to be a 'water sensor issue' (this was the assessment by someone who's profession is to fix washing machines, had promised to help me but never showed up, even when I called many times). I think he meant to replace a part in the washing machine that senses when to stop water from coming into the washing machine.

I really need help with this, I tired all I could. The reason I did not send a photo is because the washing machine looks fine.

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