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We are renovating our kitchen. We want to build in new power outlets and install 2 new phases to the existing 2. The new phases are already created in our fuse box, but there is no cable connection to the house. We will mostly use "opbouw" outlets so not a lot of drilling is necessary (outlets are marked with purple in the attached picture, we can send more pictures of the fuse box and current state as necessary).

Our original contractor cancelled the work and we are looking for somebody who can do the job before 13th of May. The only day that is blocked the 10th of May, all other dates are possible from our side.

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Review van Rita Kiss


Erwin executed the electrical renovation of our kitchen (adding 2 new groups, new wiring, installing sockets and new wires for extra lamps). He was very professional, gave good advice and executed the work as agreed. He worked very hard to meet our deadline. We were overall satisfied. He also speaks English well.

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