Wood Handrail & Banister for staircase

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Trap repareren of onderhoud
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We need a wood banister built for the long outside edge of the stairs (so that it is not open on one side), a handrail attached to the wall on the short edge at the top of the stairs as well as a banister for the short gap between the pillar and the stairs leading to the roof. The measurements are approximately 2,3m for the long edge, 1,3m for the short edge and 0,5m for the short gap. I've attached 2 images of the current state of the stairs as well as a couple of inspiration images (note that the final execution can be much more simple and minimalist).

Who can hulp us with this? We would like to hear from you!


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Review van Liisa Kaskeala-Chand


Jur & Aart did an excellent job building us a new bannister, really high quality finish and great guys to work with - would definitely recommend!

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