Need to paint ceilings, walls and floor for 40m2 apartment

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I just bought an apartment and it needs fresh painting. Walls and ceilings are in great shape just need a fresh layer of paint. The color white.

The flooring is wood painted white. Needs sanding and repainting.

There is also a closet with wood doors which will need to be repainted to white/off white

De klus is uitgevoerd door Angela Cleanings

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Good things:
- communication before the job
- time the took to do the job (within the promised time)
- good job on some parts (ceiling, closet doors)

Bad things:
- the floor painting is cracking between the boards- not properly sealed before painting (image included)
-some scratches marks on the wall, that were there that i saw after
- communication after - kept promising for 2 months to come back and fix the issue, kept on canceling on the last minute and then stopped responding.

Summary - only for easy job like painting a wall or ceiling, if something serious not sure if proper work.

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