2.0 x 1.6m bathroom renovation and walk in closet construction

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I have bought a house in Haarlem and it needs some renovations. In the downstairs bathroom (2.0 x 1.6m) I want to add connections for a washing machine and also add a small sink. The entire bathroom will need to be re-tiled and the door frame and door will need to be replaced.

As you will see in the attached photo, there are 5 separate kasten next to the main bedroom. Instead of these 5 separate kasten, I want to have one large walk-in kast from the main bedroom.

I want to have a kast built in the overloop, in the area in front of the water heater.

There are more renovations the house needs, but these are the most important. Depending on the budget these other renovations can also be done.

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Review van Ian Kiedrowski


Ronno did an excellent job with the renovation. His level of experience and craftsmanship is very high. He finished the job exactly within the time frame he quoted. Some unexpected problems came up during the renovation and Ronno was able to solve these issues quickly while at the same time not going too much over budget. I will definitely use his services again for the next renovation.

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